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By the way, this car does not need any introduction. But we are going to introduce it briefly because not every human being has all kinds of information. Everyone knows that Tesla is everyone’s favorite electric car. And the biggest reason why he likes it is that the CEO of this company is everyone’s favorite billionaire Elon Musk. Also, this electric car is everyone’s favorite car. Because of its feathers as well as its UI design is so good that it wins everyone’s heart. People of every country want to have a new model of this car launched in their country immediately. But he is late because of some legal issues. That’s why today we want to tell you that the famous Tesla Model Y launched in another country.

The information contained in this article is based on Tesla’s official Twitter account, meaning it cannot be a lie. Next, we will talk about the country where this model has been launched. But before that, there is some information that is very popular about the tesla model Y. The accompanying hands will also show what people in the country where this model has been launched think about it. You can read their comments at the end of this article. Maybe it’s time to talk about the Tesla Model Y. So let’s start reading about the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model is one of the best cars from each other electric cars especially Tesla. This car is very safe for its users. Specially made for best user experience and safety. And of course, this is an electric car as per other cars of Tesla. As you know that every people has their own favorite color and he wants his car in this color. So with that in mind, Tesla has introduced this car in five different colors.

How Much Colors of Tesla Model Y

Tesla model is available in five different colors for his lovers. Each color is described in detail below.

  • Pure Black “Black”.
  • Red Color in Multi Coat “Red”.
  • Silver Metalic Midnight “Silver”.
  • Multi Coat Pearl White “White”.
  • Deep Blue Metalic “Blue”.

Specifications Of Tesla Model Y

1. Forward collision warning.✅ Yes
2. Automatic emergency braking. ✅ Yes
3. Pedestrian detection. ✅ Yes
4. Blind-spot monitoring. ✅ Yes
5. Rear cross-traffic alert. ✅ Yes
6. Autopilot. ✅ Yes
7. Cruise control system ✅ Yes
8. Supercharging ✅ Yes
9. All wheel drive ✅ Yes

Of Course, you can see all the features of tesla model Y in detail also check Tesla’s official website for all features.

Tesla Model Y Launched in Another Country

Maybe it’s time to talk about Tesla’s arrival in the new country. And as promised, we’ll tell you what the people of this country think about Tesla. At the end of it, you will be able to read people’s comments.

A few days before today, at around Sep 18, 2021, · 2:44 AM a post was published on Tesla’s official Twitter account which you can see below. In which it was written that Tesla has now arrived in Europe. Meaning the country everyone wanted to know about was Europe.

Yes, Tesla’s model Y has now arrived in Europe. And because of that, the people there are very happy. You can read people’s comments through the post below. But there are some special comments that you will find to read below so that you can save time and read them.

Tesla Model Y Price In Europe

The Tesla model is priced at around €56,990 in Europe. That’s about $65,975 in the United States. Tesla’s Gree price depends on its model and country.

How many days will Tesla deliver in Europe?

By the way, under normal circumstances, it is delivered in about 15 days. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, the delivery may be delayed or late. In that case, it could take about a month longer.

Europian’s Reactions On Tesla Model Y

Of course, the people of Europe are very happy that they can now buy a Tesla Model Y. Many people show their interest in Tesla by giving very good comments. From the comments below, you can gauge the happiness of the people there.

  • Tesla Model Y launched in Europe
  • Tesla Model Y launched in Europe
  • Tesla Model Y launched in Europe

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