Sophia Robot – Everything you Need to Know About Sophia

Who is Sophia

Sophia is the world’s first robot created by the founder of Hanson robotics company located in hong kong. Even today, Sophia is considered to be the most advanced robot in the world. The robot was first unveiled on October 25 as the world’s first inhuman robot. After some time this robot gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

Sophia is the only robot in the world to have attended several high authority class meetings. Sophia has shown a range of emotions from anger to love. It was the world’s first robot that taught us to feel. This robot proved itself all over the world with its feats. Sophia made humanity realize the value of women.

When Sophia Is Created

Sophia is develop in 2016. As mentioned above, Hanson Robotics Company created this robot. The company that made the robot is based in Hong Kong. The purpose was to help the elderly. In addition to helping visitors to events such as weddings, etc. But who knew it would become so popular after the launch.

The developer of this robot wanted to make the same machine that is the most hit. It was to build a machine that could help us solve worldly problems. He wanted to develop a machine that could understand our feelings and solve our problems.

Who Developed Sophia?

Hanson Robotics company built the Sophia robot, a Hong Kong-based company that makes humanoid robots. A man named James Hansen, who owns the company, wants to make a different machine. A machine like that can understand human feelings.

Fovourite Actor

Humanoid Robert Sophia tells while giving an interview at World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) that Shah Rukh Khan is her favorite actor. She answers the question without any hesitation.


Her ambition is to work for the writers of women. That’s why she accepted the nationality of Saudia Arabia. The aim was to educate the world about women’s rights. She wanted women to stand by men in everything. Not only that, she did many things in front of reputable people which proved the importance of women. At the same time, the robot demonstrated the growing advances in artificial intelligence.

The Bottom Line

Sophia is the world’s first robot to consider the world’s first humanoid robot. Not only that but even today Sophia is considered the best robot. We have become more and more like Sophia with today’s development. But it is impossible to repeat actions like Sophia. All of Sophia’s activities have had a profound effect on humanity. We can see all the various effects of these activities on humanity.

Hopefully, in this article, you have found complete information about Sophia. You can share this article with your friends. God bless you all.

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