Olivia Rose Cameron Biography 2022: Parents, Age, Weight, Height

Who is Olivia Rose Cameron?

Olivia Rose Cameron is the daughter of renowned actors Chelsea Noble and Kirk Cameron. Her father’s acting career spans over 30 years and mostly includes roles in family entertainment projects, such as TV shows and Hollywood movies.

Actress and model. Born in Los Angeles, California. Sister of Kevin, Abby, and Isabella Cameron. Also known as Olivia Rose Cameryn Fiona Camirenn Fionne Camerynn.

Olivia Rose Cameron: Biography

Full NameOlivia Rose Cameron
Birthday17 July 2001
Age19 years
Net WorthN/A
Spouse (husband/wife/partner)N/A
Parents Kirk Cameron (father) & Chelsea Noble (mother)
SiblingsJack (born 1996)
Isabella (born 1997)
Anna (born in 1998)
Luke (born in 2000)
James (born in 2003
Profession/JobN/A (celebrity-daughter)

Olivia lives a very private life, despite being the daughter of wealthy parents. She doesn’t even use social media – her last post was over a month ago. The starlet got her start acting alongside her parents in Growing Pains.

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Olivia Rose Cameron Career

Although Olivia is from Hollywood and her mother and father are actors, Cameron has noted that she does not plan to pursue acting as a career. Other celebrities who have children may try their best to get their kids roles in films or the small screen because they know firsthand how difficult it can be to break into the entertainment industry.

Moreover, there are many parents out there known for trying desperately to secure acting jobs for their young entertainer children. This, however, has not been the case for Cameron whose parents do not want her to become famous but rather would like her to focus on graduating with a degree that’ll help her get future work once an acting career fails (which inevitably happens).

Additionally, Cameron’s parents want her to earn a degree in something she loves so that she may work harder towards achieving her goal at school.

Olivia Rose Cameron

Olivia Rose Cameron Relationship

Olivia’s romantic life is currently unknown to the public eye, but being a recent High School graduate, she may be interested in focusing more on her career.

Olivia Rose Cameron Parents

Olivia’s parents are Kirk Cameron, a well-known Hollywood actor, and Chelsea Noble, known for her appearances in the popular ABC sitcom Growing Pains. While Kirk has certainly had his fair share of roles today, he is no stranger to the list of the bottom 100 films on IMDB.

His fathering skills seem to be questionable at best with celebrity gossip columns telling us all that Kirk is not close to his daughter, who barely sees him and rarely spends time with him.

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Olivia Rose Cameron Married

Rose has not gone public with her relationship, it is not publicly known whether she is married or in a relationship. Her partner’s details should be revealed as soon as they are announced on the web.

Olivia Rose Cameron Net Worth

Cameron’s net worth is currently not available. There are a number of sources that we rely on for this information, but the most accurate ones have pointed out the fact that her financial and income details are kept top secret.

A lot of people are curious as to how Rose has built such a substantial net worth (according to our estimates) through her various film roles, but she keeps shying away from mentioning anything about it publicly.

We believe there’s information out there somewhere and will update this section once someone officially confirms the exact amount for us.

Olivia Rose Cameron Education

Olivia Education is currently not available.

Olivia Rose Cameron Social Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Olivia Cameron?

Olivia Rose Cameron is the daughter of renowned actors Chelsea Noble and Kirk Cameron.

How old is Olivia Cameron?

19 years.

How tall is Olivia Cameron?


Is Olivia Cameron married?


How much is Olivia Cameron worth?

Cameron’s net worth is currently not available.

Where does Olivia live?


Is Olivia dead or alive?

Olivia is alive.

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