NASA Birthday Celebration – Today is Their Birthday


There is no need to name the company we are going to talk about today because everyone understands from the title. Yes, that’s right today we are going to talk about NASA Birthday Celebration. Because today’s NASA has celebrated his birthday.

NASA is the world’s leading technology company. And it’s especially popular with space. NASA has sent its inhabitants into space many times. The abbreviation of NASA is National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is considered one of the worst research centers of our time.

NASA Birthday Celebration

According to the Twitter account of NASA, today is the birthday of NASA. If you will visit NASA’s Twitter account you can see a celebration animation that is shown below. And at the other hand, you can visit the official Twitter id to see this click here now.

NASA Birthday
NASA Birthday Twitter Screenshot

In addition, you can another post on NASA’s Twitter account about this news. First of all, we will talk about what is in this post. In the first line, he writes that today we are celebrating our 75th birthday.

“In addition to working in aeronautics research and contributing to aeronautical technologies and aviation safety, we also work in space transport and play key roles in many Earth and space science missions.”

If you go to his Twitter ID and click on the place shown in the picture below, you will see balloons flying. Also, in the comments below, people have also given more love.

NASA Birthday Celebration
Source: NASA’s official Twitter id

The End Line

First of all many many happy congratulations by infolinkers team to NASA on his birthday. Then if your friends are also interested in this kind of news, then you must share this article with them. One of the things you can do is to let your friends know about this news. And the other benefit is that seeing your support motivates us to create this kind of content.

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