Lil Skies Net Worth 2022: Parents, Tattoos, Age, Weight, Height

Who is Lil Skies?

Lil Skies emerged as one of the most successful rap artists among others in today’s music world. As a music lover from an incredibly young age, Skiess’ reputation caught the attention of Atlantic Records. Lil Skies net worth is $3 million by turning his passion for music into a career.

Lil’ Ski has risen to fame thanks to his many albums. His most recent release is titled Life of a Dark Rose and was released in January 2017 from the record label Birdman Muzik Inc.

Lil Skies is a famous American rapper, singer, and songwriter whose career highlights to date include performing at the Firefly Music Festival. He began his career posting videos to YouTube in 2016.

His top three highest-charting tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 are: ‘I’ (#21), ‘Nowadays‘ (#47), and ‘Red Roses’ (#68). His first mixtape Life of a Dark Rose was released in 2017 and peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Lil Skies Net Worth

What is Lil Skies’ net worth? Lil Skies net worth is $3 million by turning his passion for music into a career. His father, who was also a musician, brought him into the world of music and he began to take it very seriously when he was four years old. He started recording songs with his father and writing his own music at that time as well.

Net Worth:$3 Million
Born:August 4, 1998
Annual Income$500 Thousand
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional Rapper
Last Updated:2022

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Early Life & Biography

Born on August 4, 1998, to mixed cultural parents in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. Skii began writing songs at age four and was introduced to music by his father, Michael Burton Jr., formerly known in the alternative electronic dance scene as Dark Skies or Dark skies.

Celebrated NameLil Skies
Age23 Years
Nick NameLil Skies
Birth NameKimetrius Foose
Birth Date1998-08-04
Birth NationUnited States of America
Place Of BirthChambersburg, Pennsylvania
High SchoolWaynesboro Area Senior High School
UniversityShippensburg University
Marital StatusSingle
Body Build/TypeAthletic
Net Worth$3 Million
SalaryBetween $42.5K – $680.6K (Annually)
Source of WealthMusic Industry
Sexual OrientationStraight
LinksWikipedia, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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Does Lil Skies have a girlfriend?

There has been gossip on the Internet about the rapper’s private life with some gossip sites indicating that he was dating someone on the down-low. We cannot be sure if it is true as nothing has been confirmed.

However, he may be single but definitely not married as he shares a picture of him and his co-star/friend Nicholas Cage on social media that doesn’t show any hints of them being in a relationship.

When he’s ready, perhaps to gain more popularity or due to pressure from his fans, then we might finally get to see who this mysterious woman might be so stay tuned for updates! As for now though, we wouldn’t focus too much on family matters and concentrate more on your career instead.

Lil Skies Net Worth

Physical Stats

Height in Feet5′ 6″
Height in Meter1.75 m
Weight in Kg71 kg
Weight in Lbs156 lbs
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
TattooAll Over Body
US Shoe Size11


When he was in his second year of university, he started taking rap beat-making courses at night. Afterward, he began freestyling on college campuses for the school’s parties and concerts. He continued to be well-liked among his peers so much so that later on he got an opportunity to act as a supporting act for Fetty Wap at an event. Lil Skies net worth is $3 million by turning his passion for music into a career.

By August 2015, Michael had become a minor celebrity because of the success of his song on SoundCloud! This made him strive to make more great songs. In fact, he became so successful on SoundCloud that record producers in London began reaching out to him and asked if they could sign his work – which they did.

He launched his own ‘YouTube’ channel in 2016 and uploaded a new video called ‘Da Sauce,’ which manages to rack up over a million views.

One of 2017’s most notable hits was ‘Red Roses,’ which was one of the first singles to be released off the ‘Commercial Appeal’ album. It debuted in July 2017 and quickly began rising up the ‘Billboard Hot 100-Song Chart.’

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Personal Information 

the first one was done when he was 16 in honor of his friend. The fascinating thing is that he even got his mom’s name “Shelly” tattooed under his right eye along with the other tattoos. Lil Skies net worth is $3 million by turning his passion for music into a career.

Lil Skies mentioned that he wasn’t a drug addict. However, he stated that he sometimes smoked marijuana. He tries to avoid drugs after seeing the negative effects it’s had on some of his friends and young artists overdosing due to drug use.

FatherMichael Burton Jr. Foose
BrotherHeartbreak Kid
SisterNot Relevant
GrandfatherUnder Research
GrandmotherWill Update


Highest QualificationHigh School
High SchoolWaynesboro Area High School
CollegeNot Available
UniversityShippensburg University of Pennsylvania 


  • “Lіfе Оf а Dаrk Rоѕе” hіt 23rd.
  • “Nоwаdауѕ” аnd “Rеd Rоѕеѕ” rеасhеd аt Віllbоаrd 200 сhаrt tо 85th аnd 98th
  • “І Кnоw Yоu” іѕ сеrtіfіеd gоld bу RІАА.
  • “Luѕt” іѕ сеrtіfіеd рlаtіnum bу RІАА.

Lil Skies Tattoos(100)

  1. ‘Shelby’ Tattoo
  2. ‘Dark Rose’ Tattoo 
  3. ‘Number 9 and 8’ Tattoos
  4.  ‘Semiquaver’ Tattoo
  5. ‘Fate’ Tattoo
  6. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo
  7. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo
  8. ‘Hot Air Balloon’ Tattoo
  9. ‘Jupiter Symbol’ Tattoo
  10. ‘Aries Sign’ Tattoo
  11.  ‘Broken Heart with a tiny Rose’ Tattoo
  12.  ‘1998’ Tattoo
  13. ‘Life’ Tattoo
  14. ‘Chinese Letters’ Tattoo
  15. ‘Kio’ Tattoo
  16. ‘Tiny Violet Hearts’ Tattoo
  17. ‘Destiny’ Tattoo
  18. ‘Floral Pattern’ Tattoo
  19. ‘Flying Owl’ Tattoo
  20. ‘Large Broken Heart Pieces’ Tattoo
  21. ‘Two Semiquaver’ Tattoo
  22. ‘Stars with Treble Clef’ Tattoo
  23.  ‘Ancient Buildings’ Tattoo
  24.  ‘IMMORTAL’ Tattoo
  25. ‘Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’ Tattoo
  26. ‘AK 47’ Tattoo
  27. ‘Number 16’ Tattoo
  28. ‘Skies’ Tattoo
  29. ‘Upside Down Cross’ Tattoo
  30.  ‘Cloud Shading’ Tattoo
  31. ‘Chinese Writing’ Tattoo
  32. ‘Lion Face’ Tattoo
  33.  ‘FUCK’ Tattoo
  34. ‘[CREATE]’ Tattoo
  35.  ‘Playboy Bunny’ Tattoo
  36. ‘Musical Note Quaver’ Tattoo
  37.  ‘Cross with Wings’ Tattoo
  38.  ‘Yellow Chick’ Tattoo
  39. ‘Different Musical Notes’ Tattoo
  40. ‘PSYCHO’ Tattoo
  41. ‘alone’ Tattoo
  42. ‘Nude Witch on Broom’ Tattoo
  43. ‘Dagger’ Tattoo
  44.  ‘SacrificE’ Tattoo
  45. ‘Money Bag’ Tattoo
  46. ‘Heart with a Cross and Sun’ Tattoo
  47. ‘Large Dagger’ Tattoo
  48. ‘3D Butterfly’ Tattoo
  49. ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo
  50. ‘Music Love Life-Me’ Tattoo
  51. ‘Different Symbols’ Tattoo
  52.  ‘Portrait of a Lady’ Tattoo
  53. ‘LOVE LIFE’ Tattoo
  54.  ‘Music is Life’ Tattoo
  55. ‘Headphones with a Heart Line’ Tattoo
  56. ‘Alien Face’ Tattoo
  57. ‘Japanese Koi Fish’ Tattoo
  58. ‘Lotus’ Tattoo
  59. ‘Flying Bird’ Tattoo
  60. ‘Spaceship’ Tattoo
  61. Flying Pigeon’ Tattoo
  62. ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo
  63. ‘Tomorrow is another day but it’s not promised’ Tattoo
  64. ‘Unidentified Pattern’ Tattoo
  65. ‘Nude Girl’ Tattoo
  66. ‘Girl with Goat Face’ Tattoo
  67.  ‘MYSTERIOUS’ Tattoo 
  68.  ‘Floral Pattern’ Tattoo
  69.  ‘Unidentified Writing’ Tattoo
  70. ‘Melting Smiley Face’ Tattoo
  71. ‘Bugs’ Tattoo
  72. ‘BAX’ Tattoo
  73. ‘Tiny Red Heart’ Tattoo
  74. ‘Broken Heart with Japanese Fire’ Tattoo
  75. ‘GNARCOTIC’ Tattoo
  76. ‘Water Waves’ Tattoo
  77. ‘Unidentified Pattern’ Tattoo
  78. ‘Flowers’ Tattoo
  79. ‘Baby Ki’ Tattoo
  80. ‘GNARCOTIC SHIT’ Tattoo
  81. ‘Symbols’ Tattoo
  82. ‘Lighter with Playboy Logo’ Tattoo
  83. ‘Semi Nude Girls’ Tattoo
  84.  ‘Locker with Loser’  Tattoo
  85. ‘AT THE END’ Tattoo
  86. ‘DEAD END’ Tattoo
  87.  ‘CUFBOYS’ Tattoo
  88.  ‘Symbol’ Tattoo
  89. ‘Sad and Happy Smiley’ Tattoo
  90. ‘BELIEVE’ Tattoo
  91. ‘Unidentified Lettering’ Tattoo
  92.  ‘WE ALL DIE AT THE END’ Tattoo
  93. ‘Colorful Butterfly’ Tattoo
  94. ‘Unidentified’ Tattoo
  95. ‘Unidentified Thigh’ Tattoo
  96. ‘KEEP’ Tattoo
  97.  ‘Tiny Butterfly’ Tattoo
  98. ‘PAIN’ Tattoo
  99. ‘2010’ Tattoo
  100. ‘2010’ Tattoo
Lil Skies Net Worth

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