Jackie Chan Net Worth and Bio(2021)

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, comedian and singer. Chan has been in the movie business for over 50 years and has starred in more than 150 movies. Jackie Chan net worth is $520 million. Jackie Chan was born on April 7th (April 8th) 1954 and he grew up with seven siblings. Jackie’s father was a soldier for the Chinese Nationalist Party that fled from mainland China to Hong Kong during World War II before Jackie was born. He started his career as an extra at age 16 because he wanted to be like Bruce Lee, who became one of Jackie’s idols because they both were great martial artists and actors!

Jackie Chan Net Worth

Jackie Chan, the famous Hong Kong actor and martial arts master with over 250 films to his credit has an incredible net worth of $520 million. Which makes him second only beaten by Salman Khan for highest paid actors across globe. Jackie Chan salary is $40 Million Per Year.

The amount that Jackie gets paid per movie isn’t very much compared what many other actors make but when you look at how charitable he actually seems like – having given away over $100 Million since 2000 not just through donations or social works projects but mostly privately funded ones too-, then maybe its better.

Biography and Early Life

Jackie Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong. He used to live with his parents, siblings early on but then moved out when he got married at 18 years old which is typical for him as Jackie loves exploring new places that are not just about family or home but also career opportunities too!

A lot of people know him from movies such has Rush Hour series (which starred Chris Tucker), Black Mask Operations etc., though there were many others before those two franchises became popular because if you look close enough then traces – like this little known fact- will always reveal themselves: “Jackie” means loyal friend.

Real Name/Full NameChan Kong-Sang SBS MBE PMW
Nick Name/Celebrated Name:Jackie Chan
Birth Place:Victoria Peak, Hong Kong
Date Of Birth/Birthday:7 April, 1954
Age/How Old:66 years old
Social mediaFacebookTwitter and Instagram
Height/How Tall:In Centimetres – 174 cm In Feet and Inches – 5’ 7”
Weight:In Kilograms – 75 kg
In Pounds – 165 lbs
Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:Black
Parents Name:Father – Charles Chan
Mother – Lee-Lee Chan
Siblings:Yes (Fang Shide, Yulan Chan, Fang Shisheng, Guilan Chan)
School:Nah-Hwa Primary School
College:Dickson College
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Marital Status:Married
Wife/Spouse Name:Joan Lin (m. 1982)
Kids/Children Name:Yes (Jaycee Chan and Etta Ng Chok Lam)
Profession:Chinese martial artist, actor, producer, singer, director, singer and stuntman
Net Worth:$520 million

Jackie Chan Girlfriend & Relationship

Jackie Chan has been in relationship several times but currently he is married and living his life happily. He has an illegitimate daughter from Elaine, a woman with whom he had an extra marital affair while still being faithful to wife Cecil Chao (a businesswoman). Though many criticized the actor for breaking up their families when they committed adultery back then – Jackie handled this situation perfectly well as evidenced by how happy everyone seems now days!


Jackie Chan has completed his schooling from Nah-Hwa primary school. He was quite a popular kid, and the name Jackie stuck with him because everyone could see that he would be an energetic man in life – just like his middle names (Jack Li). Later on down the line, when enrolling himself into Dickson College for Australia’s educational system; it wasn’t too difficult at all since they were looking forward towards having such great students come through their doors!

Jackie Chan Assets


Jackie Chan has plenty of properties all around China, but he also loves to keep a few secrets. He recently bought the $3 million West Hollywood villa and it’s just one of many secret homes that Jackie likes in America too!


Jackie Chan has a huge collection of cars in his garage but everyone knows that he is absolutely crazy about Mitsubishis. In many of Jackie’s movies, you can find one or two Mitsubisks on-screen! He even owns an Impreza WRX STI and the Mulsane Bently Supervan12–just to name few examples from this extensive list with countless models available worldwide through various companies such as Toyota Innovate Asia Manufacturing Corportation U S A LLC., Taipei Motor Company Ltd (TMC), Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.(FHI) Automobiles Nakajima Corporation Of Japan Limited(NCJ).

Professional Career

Jackie Chan has an extravagant career in film industry. He’s done over 150 movies and many of them became superhits, starting when he was just six years old! His singing abilities are not limited to opera either – Jackie knows how to sing both Mandarin Chinese songs as well as those from other countries like Japan or France with their own languages on top of that although people love his voice best for Mandopop (Cantonese pop) tunes due mostly.

Because there is no accent whatsoever but rather “perfect pronunciation.” Not only can this multi-talented man act; play soccer/football extremely well too while being equally skilled at martial arts whether it be Wing Chun WahSing Gwong Sau.


Jackie Chan has been gifted with the title of “Superstar”. He’s won multiple awards and accolades during his career, including Academy Awards from both Hong Kong and China for Best Foreign Language Film. His life time achievement award at Asia Pacific film festival was not only a token of appreciation but also an honor given to him by industry peers who know how much effort goes into making each moment perfect on screen or off stage!
In addition he received ASEAN inspiration Award which signifies excellence in entertainment business.


Jackie Chan is one of the biggest personalities in film industry. He has graced it with his brilliance every way imaginable, from acting to singing and so much more! There’s no doubt that we’re looking at an actor who will last forever as he continues giving us glimpses into what life would be like if everything was possible on screen – including dancing or stunts (or both!). And now you know why this man deserves top billing right next door Elon Musk when they are rooming together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the net worth of Jackie Chan?

$ 520 Million dollars

What is the real age of Jackie Chan?

67 years old (7 April 1954)

What is the Salary of Jackie Chan?

$40 Million Per Year.

What is Jackie Chan Height?

1.74 M (5′ 9″).

What is the name of Jackie Chan’s wife?

Joan Lin (m. 1982)

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