How to Turn Off Avast | Disable Avast Antivirus Temporarily


In order to keep save your computer from many types of bad viruses and malware attacks, You have to install an antivirus on your computer. They try to ensure the ultimate protection of the user system. There are hundreds of free and paid antivirus on the internet. Avast antivirus is one of them.

Avast antivirus

One the best free antivirus software for both mobiles and computers. That’s why so many people have trust in it since its release in 1995. According to Avast, their free version is better than any other free antivirus software. But, sometimes we have to use certain applications and sites that are trusted. Then Avast makes some errors and shows some viruses because it blocks unknown services providers. but, you can easily disable Avast.

Rather than uninstalling the antivirus, you can easily disable it for the time you need. Completely disabling Avast is a dangerous act. But there is an option to disable separate Avast shields. In this article, you learn about both steps then choose the right one.

How to Turn off Avast (completely)

Disclaimer: By applying this below step, the Avast package turns off completely. it will cause your PC at risk of dangerous files. So, think before using this method.

Step No 1: Right-click on the Avast icon on Taskbar

Open the window taskbar by clicking the right corner of your screen. Also, check the overflow menu if you can’t find it on your screen.

Find the orange icon of Avast and right-click to open the setting. Click on Acast shields control that will open a secondary dropdown menu.

Step No 2: Chose the duration

After opening the dropdown menu you can choose the duration. There are 4 options i.e. disable for 10 minutes, for 60 minutes, until the computer is restarted, or disabling permanently. Again choose the option according to your needs.

Step No 3: Conformation

After selecting the option, Avast shows you a pop-up for confirmation that this may be a legitimate action. The pop-up window will appear for only 60 seconds. Avast automatically cancels the action if you don’t select the option. Because sometimes, viruses automatically try to disable antivirus. So, confirm by clicking ‘ok’ and it will disable the Avast for the selected time.

Temporarily disabling Avast Shields

As we know Avast has different shields for different purposes, so there is no need to completely disable the software. You can disable certain shields that cause showing avast error and the remaining shields work properly.

Step No 1: Open Avast icon > Protection > Care Shield

Open the Avast antivirus software by clicking on the right corner notification area or search in the window start menu. You can see the pop-up interface of Avast antivirus. After opened the interference, click ‘Protection’ with a lock icon on the right side of the window. Know you navigate to ‘Core shields’, so chose the shield to disable.

Step No 2: Turn off the related Shield

Inside ‘Core Shield’ there are ‘File shield’, ‘Behavior Shield’, ‘Web Shield’, and ‘Mail Shield’. There you see the toggle button on each shield that use to on and off Avast antivirus. When you click the toggle button off then you see the option that will ask you about time. Chose the required option.

Step No 3: Turn on the related Shield

After completed your word, you can easily enable the related shield that you disabled before. After doing this your PC/laptop becomes protected from antivirus and malware. For this, press the turn-off toggle button.

This process is used for disabling Avast in the windows user but in Mac, you only see 3 security shields of security there. So you can easily Disable Avast on Mac by using the same process.

How to turn off Avast notification

The notification feature of Avast helps you to know about Avast activity, update, warning, alert, and how to disable avast. Sometimes it feels irritating, so you can easily turn off this Avast notification.

Step No 1: Click on ‘Menu’ after Opening the avast user interface, then go to ‘setting’.

Step No 2: Click the ‘General’ on the left side, and then ‘Notification’. Uncheck all the notifications, pop-ups, messages,s and alerts. Know, all notifications are muted.

How to turn off Avast web shield

Avast web shield is used to securing our web browsing by enabling the ‘HTTPS scanning’, ‘QUIC/HTTPS scanning’, ‘Block botnet attacks’, and enabling the Script scanning.

Step No 1.

Open the Avast user interface and then go to the ‘MENU‘ button

Step No 2:

Open the ‘settings and go to the ‘Core Shields’ then scroll down to the ‘Configure shield settings’ option.

Step No 3:

Know there you see the option which was given above. So, if you want to turn off this option then simply click on the check box. We recommended using these options If you are completely aware that this website didn’t harm your computer. 


So, here you see that turning off Avast antivirus is very simple. You can disable any option by following the above steps. But before turning off avast, kindly make sure that the website or application is safe or not. If you follow the above step your PC or laptop will be at risk. Thus in worse scenarios, you can use this guide. Because antivirus Does not give you wrong information about the virus

Above mention, steps are useful for turning off both free and paid Avast antivirus in Mac and Windows.

We hope that above mention steps help you to solve your problems. If you have further queries related to turning off Avast, then comment below. We will try our best to solve your problems. Also, share on the social platform, if you like.


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