Hitman Holla Net Worth 2022: Biography, Age, Weight, Height

Gerald Fulton Jr, popularly known by his stage name Hitman Holla is an American rapper. Hitman is the first black rapper to make it to the finals in the SMACK/URL league.

Additionally, he has won many rap battles in his career, drawing international attention for his punch lines and aggressive style of rapping. Hitman Holla Net Worth is $3 million according to Fobes and celebrity net worth.

During high school, Hitman Holla was awarded a scholarship by the California State Northridge. He went on to intern at the University of Missouri, St. Louis before graduating college.

Shortly after he made his way to Nashville where he rebooted as a rapper in 2010, putting out his first songs in late 2011 after performing in different music festivals and open mics all in states such as Georgia and Michigan.

Hitman Holla Net Worth

Hitman Holla Net Worth is $3 million according to Fobes and celebrity net worth as of 2022. He has earned a substantial sum of money from competing at various rap battles, which brought him an estimated $30K salary per single battle. Additionally, he produces some amount from his clothing line entitled Ball Game.

Full NameGerald Fulton Jr.
Birth DateMarch 29, 1988
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri, U. S.
ProfessionBattle Rapper
Net Worth$3 million

Early life

Hitman Holla is a famous rapper. On March 29, 1988, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States Hitman Holla was born. He is the son of two school teachers, Gerald Fulton Senior and Sue Fulton. His brother Showout has also been rapping as well as video-blogging on WorldStarHipHop since 2010.

Showout’s rise to fame came when his video titled “Rapper Trippin” went viral with more than 2 million views. Hitman Road Dogg has studied at California State University, Northridge under the scholarship offered by the institution.

He is also a basketball player and has played for many teams during his college days including Team Battle League. He also loves music and has several songs on YouTube.

Hitman Holla Biography

Net Worth:$3 Million
Real Name:Gerald Fulton Jr
Name:Hitman Holla
Source of wealth:Rapper
Relationship statusCommitted
Date of Birth:March 29, 1988
Age:33 years
Height:177 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Profession:Battle Rapper
Instagram:Profile Link

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Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend- Cinnamon

Hitman Holla has a YouTube Channel and an Instagram account; he frequently posts pictures on the accounts with his girlfriend Cinnamon. She is his brand ambassador for Lash U Studio. The YouTube channel contains videos of their love story as a couple, which is believed to be faked due to no sign of physical intimacy present in any video. father of a son named Geremiah Fulton.

Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend- Cinnamon

It is suspected that they are actually gay lovers and are hiding behind a staged marriage to hide their sexual orientation so as not to be discriminated against by the public or social media users and there have been rumors recently that he is married but has never shown any signs of being connected with the girl to whom he claims to be married over his social media platforms.

Recently Holla shared a post where he revealed “My mom loves me so much that she’d do anything for me,” cinnamon commented on this post, “Oh my gosh! THAT’S SO CUTE”.


Hitman Holla is a battle rapper from St. Louis who got his start battling in 2008, inspired by both Remy D and Bill Collector. Hitman joined the Flight Club League before getting ripped into at one of his first battles by X-Man. Still, he kept going and by the time Bill Collector challenged him to a match, he had honed his skills enough that he knocked the battle legend’s teeth out.

After becoming king of FCL, he went on to participate in numerous other rap battles including Battle America and SMACK URL before fusing rap with wrestling to create “Slap Profits” after discovering another street legend, Haku 2X was involved. Since then, Hitman has been hosting rap battles around St. Louis while releasing several catchphrases like “Hitman Ball Game” and “Yett Yett.”

Starting off as a Battle Battler (as seen on his MTV show Wild ‘N Out), he was expelled from the show when he told one of the hosts, “Norb” (Nick Cannon), that he wanted to knock up the actress who played the character.

After that incident, it was stated that he would be back in season 6. That same year, he released his single “Diddly Diddly” featuring rapper Jeff and recently, he filmed an independent film with actor Nick Cannon called Sheball.

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Hitman Holla Songs

  • Phone Call
  • Good As Dead
  • 1 Less
  • Diddy Dum Dum
  • 2017
  • What They On
  • Whitney
  • Mean Ones
  • Sucka For
  • My City
  • Still Ball Game
  • Hitman Holla vs. Byron Blake

People also ask about Hitman Holla

Who is Hitman Holla?

Gerald Fulton Jr, popularly known by his stage name Hitman Holla is an American rapper. Hitman Holla Net Worth is $3 million according to Fobes and celebrity net worth.

How old is Hitman Holla?

Holla is 33 years old as of 2022.

How tall is Hitman Holla?

6 feet 8 inches (2.03 meters).

Is Hitman Holla married?

No, but he is currently in a relationship with Cinnamon.

How much is Hitman Holla Net worth?

Hitman Holla Net Worth is $3 million according to Fobes and celebrity net worth.

Where does Hitman live?


Is Holla dead or alive?

He is alive.

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