Electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces(pros and cons)

Electric fireplaces are the most popular form of fire. Because of their low cost of purchase and installation, easy to use, the flames look authentic and decent to dissipate heat.

However, as electric fuel runs on electricity it is likely to reduce its use compared to other types of fuel stations.

Electric fireplaces

We have used many electric fireplaces over the years. one of the ones we currently use is the (favorite) electric stove.

Many different types of electric fireplace heaters are available. There’s a whole range of electric fireplaces available to suit your needs. including:

  • Electric stoves
  • Electric log logs
  • Wall mount
  • Electric mantels
  • Electric inserts

With so many different types of electric fires available in all cases, you will surely find an electrical outlet that will fit somewhere in your home.

Pros of Electric fireplace

Easy to set up

Most electric fireplaces just need to be connected to one of your regular home stores and will work straight out of the box.

Electric fireplaces

Ease of use

With an electric fireplace, there are no setup requirements, or downtime if you find yourself unsuitable. Just press a few switches and you can enjoy both flames and heat without time.


Electric heating stations are cheaper as compared to other types of fireplaces.

For example, our electric stove costs $ 100, while our real wood stoves cost more than $ 1000 each.

Low cost of installation

While most electric fireplaces will not cost much to install (such as private ones), those that require some installation, such as a wall or an existing fireplace, will not demolish the bank to do so.

Can look very realistic

Flame technology in electric fireplaces has come a long way in recent years to the point where many models can provide realistic fire results.

Electric fireplaces

The effects of flames in electric fireplaces can look real depending on the model

It can emit large amounts of heat.

Even our small fireplace that uses a conventional fire heater is able to heat our living room extensively for several hours.

Low maintenance costs.

The only feed usually associated with electric fire extinguishers is to clean them periodically to ensure that the pipes are not blocked and that the flashing lamp is replaced.

Flexibility in the placement around the home.

Since electric fireplaces do not produce any other products, there is no need for a chimney or mold.

This gives you more flexibility where they can be placed closer to your home.

Some models may be easier to move around at home.

You can move many independent models of electrical appliances (such as stoves) around your home easily.

We move our electric stove around our home to any room we want to heat.

No contamination after each use.

Unlike fireplaces or stoves, there is no pollution caused by fires.

The electric fireplace will be clean if you turn it off as you turned it on.

cons of the fireplace

The flames are not real

The disadvantage of an electric fireplace is that they use electricity the internal fires are not real.

This means that the electric fireplace should produce the appearance of flames using multiple lamps and rotating mirrors (more on how the electric fireplace works here).

Although the electric fireplace may look real, there are no flames

Heaters can be noisy

Electric heating stations that use standard fan heaters will use a blower to force the warm air into the room.

These storms can be noisy depending on the model of the facility.

It must be located near electricity

Since all electrical outlets use electricity, therefore, they should be placed near the power store so that they can be connected and operated.

It cannot heat the whole house

While some types of fireplaces can burn an entire house, an electric fireplace cannot.

Electric fireplaces with conventional fan heaters will be able to heat up to 400sqft, while those with infrared heaters usually heat rooms up to 1000sqft.

It cannot be used when the power is off

Unlike other types of fireplaces, you cannot use an electric stove if no electricity is available at the moment.

Electric fire logs

Some parts may not seem so sensible in an electric fireplace.

Lots of unusable parts. Many electric fireplaces (including our own) do not have parts that we can support or replace if something goes wrong.

That is why, if an item is defective under warranty then the whole unit can be replaced, but if it were not for warranty (usually one year) we would have to pay for a new electric fireplace.

Short life span.

They are full of electronic devices and equipment. Therefore, the life span of an electric heater can be very short compared to other types of heating systems such as wood stoves.

This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many parts may not be replaced or functional.

No real fire sounds.

There are no real sounds of flames and heat in the electric fireplace.

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