Eddie Braun Net Worth 2023: Biography, Age, Stunts, Movies, and Hidden Facts

Eddie Braun is a well-known American Stunt performer. Eddie Braun Net Worth is near about $12 million. Eddie Braun is very famous in America, who performed many stunts, in many Hollywood movies. His most famous movies in which he performed his stunts are Transformer: Dark of the moon, Rush Hour 2, and Rush Hour 3. Eddie Braun’s most famous stunt was to jump across Idaho’s Snake River Canyon in a rocket. This stunt was performed in 3.9 seconds. His fellows tried to attempt this stunt, but failed brutally, in 1974.

Eddie Braun was born on November 23, 1961, in South California, United States. The name of his hometown is Los Angeles, a city in the United States of America. In the early days of his career, he served as an assistant stunt performer. Later, he achieved the best of his career, when he started his career as a stunt performer. Then he performed such amazing stunts in movies, that were the dream of his childhood fellows. He is a married person, who has four kids. This article will provide you with further information related to Eddie Braun Net Worth, and his complete biography.

Eddie Braun Net Worth

As a professional stunt performer, Eddie has worked in many Hollywood. He worked in many hit movies like Rush Hour 1, and Rush Hour 2. So, according to his successful career, he use to earn a good amount. It is estimated that Eddie Braun Net Worth is about 12 million dollars. More info regarding his net worth is given in the table below:

Net Worth 2023$12 million(Approx)
Monthly Salary$110k
Annual Salary$390k
Age in 202362 Years
Born:November 23, 1961
Country of Origin:United States
ProfessionStunt Performer
Last Updated:2023
Eddie Braun Net Worth, and Biography

Eddie Braun Biography

Eddie Braun was born on November 23, 1961. He is currently 61 years old. He was born and raised in southern California, United States. He is a married man, who has four kids. His weight is nearly 80 kg. His height is approximately 5 feet and 11 inches. Though Eddie has a family, he never shared his pieces of information on any social media platform. The below table will show you Eddie Braun Net Worth, and his biography:

Real NameEddie Braun
Age62 years old
Father (Dad):Not Available
Mother:Not Available
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters):Not Available
Marital Status:Married
Dating / Boyfriend:Not Available
Date Of BirthNovember 23, 1961
Birth PlaceSouth California, United States.
Height5 feet, 11 inches
Weight80 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBrown
Zodiac SignSagittarius
HometownLos Angeles, California, USA
ProfessionStunt Performer
YouTubeProfile link
InstagramProfile link
TwitterProfile link

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Eddie Braun Early Life

Eddie was born on November 23, 1961. He was born in Los Angeles, USA. He is a well-known professional stunt performer. Eddie Braun started his career in the early 1990s. His work is spread over many genres. He remained a king of stunts over three decades. In Hollywood movies, he started working as a driver. Later he started doing stunts. His death-defying stunts are very famous all over the world.

The most famous works of Eddie are Mission Impossible, and Terminator 2, in which he performed his stunts. Eddie worked on over 250 movies and many television series. He also worked as a stunt double for many celebrities, such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, etc. Currently, Eddie Braun Net Worth is very high.

Eddie Braun Age

On November 23, 1961, a famous stuntman, Eddie Braun was born. By the year 2022, he is 62 years old. Eddie used to spend his birthday every November 23, with his friends and family. At this stage of life, he still looks dashing, and smart.

Eddie Braun Family

Eddie Braun is a married man. But, he hasn’t shared any information about his family. He is the father of four kids. Besides his profession as a stunt performer and an actor, he is also a good father as well. His passion for work surely will help his children to achieve all the impossible things in life. His wife also played a great role in his successful career. But we have no further information about his parents and siblings.

Eddie Braun Wife

Being a married person, Eddie is enjoying his life very well. But there is no certain information about his wife’s name. But the couple has four kids, and Eddie is a role model for his children.

Eddie Braun Snake River

Being a stunt performer, Eddie performed many stunts that have put him in trouble as well. One of his famous stunts is jumping over the Snake River Canyon with the help of a rocket bike. By achieving this milestone, he defeated Evel Knievel. The stunt was performed in Twin Falls, Idaho. Eddie jumped 2,000 feet in the air, in order to achieve this feat. The jump was so high that his fellows failed to achieve this feat. But Eddie achieved this feat in just 3.9 seconds.

Eddie Braun Stuntman

A well-known stunt performer, Eddie Braun, has worked in many films, and series in Hollywood. He is also an actor and film producer. His most dangerous stunt was to jump over the Snake River Canyon, which he achieved in 3.9 seconds. He also worked in Bollywood movies like Dhoom 3 by Aamir Khan. He is the most wanted stunt performer all around the world.

Eddie Braun Salary

Eddie Braun earns almost  $ 4,000,000 per year, and $ 32,000 per month. It is estimated that Eddie Braun Net Worth is near about twelve million dollars. His actual source of income is stunt making, through which he earns a good amount. He also earned money through his acting and production. He charges a heavy amount as a stunt performer in movies.

Eddie Braun Movies

Below is the list of movies in which Eddie has worked as a stunt performer and an actor:

  •  Transformers: Dark of the Moon
  • Rush Hour 2
  • Rush Hour 3
  • Deja Vu
  • The Island
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
  • The Hangover Part III 
  • Seven Pounds
  • Men at Work
  • Stuntman
  • Universal Soldiers, etc.

Did Eddie Braun Make the Snake River Jump

Indeed, yes! About five years ago, Eddie performed an impossible stunt over Snake River Canyon, with a rocket bike. He got great fame by achieving this feat. Even his childhood fellows failed to jump over the Snake River, but Eddie did this in just 3.9 seconds.

Eddie Braun Net Worth, and Biography

Last Five Years’ Net Worth of Eddie Braun

Eddie Braun Net Worth is collected on the bases of his income sources. He has more than one income source. He works as a stunt performer, an actor, as well as a film producer. Eddie Braun Net Worth has estimated at about 12 million dollars. His last five years’ net worth is given below:

Net Worth in 2021$11 million
Net Worth in 2020$9 million
Net Worth in 2019$7 million
Net Worth in 2018$5 million
Net Worth in 2017$4 million

Hidden Facts

Some hidden facts about Eddie Braun life are given below:

  • Eddie was born in Los Angeles, South California, USA.
  • His year of birth is 1961.
  • He is 62 years old.
  • Eddie has Instagram, and Twitter accounts, through which he gained much fame.
  • He also worked as a stunt double for many actors.
  • He has four kids in his family.
  • He got an opportunity to work with Justin Bieber as well.
  • Eddie Braun Net Worth is collected about $12 million.
  • He weighs about 80 kg and is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who successfully jumped the Snake River Canyon?

It was Eddie Braun, who jumped, and crossed the Snake River Canyon.

How far did Eddie Braun jump?

Eddie Braun has jumped about 2,000 feet, with a speed of 400 mph.

What is Eddie Braun Net Worth?

Eddie Braun Net Worth is based on his source of income. His net worth is near about $12 million.

How Old Is Eddie Braun?

The date of birth of Eddie Braun is November 23, 1961. According to his date of birth, he is 62 years old and spends his birthday on every November 23.

Is Eddie Braun still working?

Though Eddie Braun has grown old, and it is very difficult to move on, he is still performing stunts.

Where is Eddie Braun from?

He is from Los Angeles, South California, USA. He is an American national.


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