Different Types of Internet, Connections, and Services

What is the internet?

The internet is a broad global computing network of communication in the world that uses Transmission Control Protocol(TCP)/Internet protocol(IP). The full form of the internet is an Inter-connected network and the full short form is the Net. An American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which is known as DARPA developed the internet.

Many firms and individuals work together and separately to develop the different technology of the Net. Robert William Taylor was the first who developed the first internet prototype i.e,  Advanced Research Projects Agency Network(ARPANET). After that, TCP/IP technologies were developed by Vinton and Robert in 1970.

Working of internet

A person sends a message to another person with the help of a computer or other device throw an internet connection. So, both have different internet protocol (IP) addresses. Firstly, the sent message is too big so it broke into many tiny pieces. These small pieces are called packages. Each package has specific information about its destination and its start. So, they travel from one computer to another until they reached their destination. The process is called routing.

When the routing process is completed and sent

messages reached their destination then there is an inspection process that checks the sent and received packages are the same or not. If some packages are missed then a message is sent to resend the missing packages. Finally, after the completion process, the packages are converted into the original message. Also, read Uses of internet Types of internet These are the main types of Net connections. Digital subscribe line (DLS) Cable Net Satellite Wireless/Wi-Fi Fiber Optic Dial_up(Analog 56k) Broadband ISDN Internet services providers (ISPs) There are hundreds of thousands of internet services providers in the world. They offer different services in different regions. But before thinking about net connection, consider these common factors: speed of internet in your region, compear price of different packages, availability of service provider and reliability. Check the rating of ISPs and reviews given by different users before using any services Type of Internet services There are many internet services that people used in daily life. These services become a part of our life. Here we discussed the few main types of internet services Email One of the most cheaper and reliable methods to send documents, messages, and information to different people at the same time with the help of the net is Electronic mail. Firstly, this process is very fast as compear to other physical source. Secondly, you can use this at any time and at any place (24/7).

Moreover, there are many companies that provide free e-mail services on the internet Hotmail Gmail Yahoo mail There are many websites that give you free temporary emails. You can use these emails at any place where you want. File Transfer Protocol These types of protocols are mainly used to send or receive documents or files from those networks that support TCP/IP protocol. In this protocol, both client and server have different data connections or controls. Data is transferred

with the help of two computers or devices. Both send a connection request to each other. After connection, the client-side server can upload, download, rename, delete or replace files on the server.

Electronic business

E-businesses are the main type of internet services. With the help of the internet, many people in the world run their business activities. People can manage all the processes of task management, human resources, finance, production of the product, and inventory. people can purchase or sell different items. Companies are Providing technical supports to the customer through the internet.

Digital or online meeting

During the lockdown situation, we regularly use the services of online audio and video calling services. With the help of the services, you can send video messages, audio voice, arrange a conference with your friends and employees. You can conduct any meeting with anyone sitting at a different location. Similarly, you also share files, documents, and information with others.


With the help of the internet, you can host your website at the server of the hosting provider. The data you upload to your website will store in the database of the hosting provider. People can easily access the data you upload on your website. You can easily manage your document with this. Web hostings are too much expensive. You can purchase by comparing with the different hosting services providers. Some famous hosting providers are

  • Godaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Siteground
  • Namecheap

Which hosting package you required, totally depends on your needs. Before buying any hosting package kindly compare different packages. It will help you to find the right hosting for your website.  

Here we deeply understand about internet, the working process of the net, its types, and services. If you have any queries related to the above article then comment below. We shall try our best to solve your problem.

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