10 Main Uses of Internet

What is internet

The internet is a broad global computing network of communication in the world that uses Transmission Control Protocol(TCP)/Internet protocol(IP). The full form of the internet is an Inter-connected network or the full short form of the internet is Net. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency which is known as DARPA developed the internet in America.

Many firms and individuals work together and separate to developed the different technology of the internet. Robert William Taylor was the first who develop the first internet prototype i.e,  Advanced Research Projects Agency Network(ARPANET). After that, TCP/IP technologies were developed by Vinton and Robert in 1970. In this article, we are discussing the main uses of the internet.

Main Uses of Internet

In recent times we use the internet every day in many places. Now without the internet, we can’t do much work. There are some certain works that required the internet. In simple words, the Internet has become an important part of our lives. So, here we are discussing the main use of the internet in our life.

 1. Source of online earning

Internet is the most important and reliable source of online earning. There are millions of people in the world who earn their living with the internet. Earning online through the internet has never been easier. But in order to start, you only need a laptop or computer and an internet connection.

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2. Promotion and advertising

As we know there are 5 billion internet users in the world. That is why advertisers are preferring online advertising instead of offline. Online advertisements are cheaper. There are many online platforms for the free promotion of your product. Also, you can freely advertise your product on social media by creating groups or pages of your product. You can also promote your product by paying to advertise companies.

3. Blogging

You are reading this blog with the help of the internet. So, there are many people that are sharing information, news, and opinion with the help of blogging.

There are many bloggers on the internet that are publishing information and earning money. Know a day, many websites that are helping you to learn and ask questions. Examples are Quora, Reddit, Linked In, and Stackoverflow.

4. Online services

After the digital revolution, many companies and businesses adopted online services. Know you can easily open an account or received information without going to their branches. These offers save the precious time of people.

5. Job research

With the help of the internet, you can search for jobs all around the world. There is no need to going to the company office as before. As a result, millions of jobs are posted on websites on the daily basis. So, people can search, apply, give interviews and see results just sitting at home.

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6. Social Media

Connecting to the people all around the become easier with the help of social media. People can easily create your social ID on social networking site with the help of internet. There are many different social apps that have billions of daily users. The famous examples of social media apps are Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. These social media apps are totally free to use.

7. Online payment

Almost in all countries, online payment becoming popular day by day. These steps are helping to promote digital payment and reduced the use of cash. know people can recharge mobile, subscribe package and pay your bill through banking app or debit or credit cards.

8. Entertainment

In recent times everyone wants entertainment in his life. A few years ago we face hurdles to find entertainment. For example, before the internet, T.V is only one main source of entertainment. T.V doesn’t have any feature of recap and rewinds your favorite drama serials. But with the help of the internet and computer, people can watch anything at any time and at any place. Know entertainment is at the doorsteps. The main sources of entertainment on the internet are Youtube, Tiktok, Netflix, etc. Billions of people are using these apps on daily basis.

9. Gaming

Gaming is billions dollars industries. According to stats, Global E-sport is growing rapidly. World young generation adopting this technology rapidly. World’s biggest brand now sponsoring many Esports players and their tournaments. Firstly, thousands of people earning money directly by uploading videos on different social media platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube. Secondly, People can be played online games individually or in a squad. Numbers of online games are earning millions. High internet speed is necessary for online gaming. So, Japan has made the world’s fastest internet speed of 319 TB per second.

10. Education

Due to evolving of the internet technology education has become affordable. People can learn anything which they wanted to learn. There is no need to go to campus or taking physical classes. You can learn online from many sources. During the lockdown, when almost all campuses are off, students attended their online classes via zoom or google meets. So, with the help of the internet, you can learn your favorite this at any place at any time from your favorite teachers. There are many websites and youtube channels for education and scholarship such as Noon Academy, Khan Academy, and Scholarshipcareer.


In the above article, we have discussed the Internet and its main uses. We hope you like our effort. Comment below if you gave any questions. Share with your friends and help us to grow.

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